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Can I use CommuteApp for Android and iOS?

You can use CommuteApp on both Android and iOS devices.
Download the app from the App Store here and Google Play here.

Is it free to use CommuteApp?

Our app is currently completely free to download and use. So it's just a matter of getting started driving together and reducing CO2 emissions.

How do I pay for my ride?

Payment is agreed and settled directly with the driver. This is agreed via the internal chat in the app or in the car. You can, for example, pay with Mobilepay or cash.

What is CommuteApp?

CommuteApp is a sustainable company that has developed a unique and user-friendly app technology with a vision to put just one more person into the car to optimize existing resources.

Who has created CommuteApp?

CommuteApp was created in Denmark by Henrik Jespersen and Phillip Jespersen. Together with a strong and experienced team of talented people, they have in just a few years created an innovative world-class technology.

What is CO2 Coins?

When you use Commute, you automatically earn CO2 Coins. You can see how many Coins you have saved by going to the menu on the left side of the app.

How can I use my CO2 Coins?

You can use your earned CO2 Coins by going to Coinshop in the menu on the website. Select the desired offer and transfer your CO2 Coins to use on of the deals from our partners. You will then receive your discount code in the app.

Can I make a company agreement with CommuteApp?

Yes! By contacting us, we can together find the best solution for you. We optimize the organization's use of own cars, taxis, car pool, company and rental cars with a White Label solution specifically tailored to the customer's needs. In the same solution, we automatically collect data for the payment of travel allowance, report on the CO2 footprint and savings and prepare CO2 budgets.

Can my educational institution also use CommuteApp?

Yes! Many schools and institutions have already seen the benefits of using CommuteApp and have a solution with us. If this is not the case for you, please contact us to find out more about the options we offer.

Is my data safe with CommuteApp?

Of course! We use only the most necessary data, and you as a user can contact us at any time to get details or delete data. A user can at any time make changes or delete in submitted registrations. CommuteApp users have the right to have registrations deleted by writing to support@commuteapp.dk.

SKAT (tax) and carpooling

Reimbursement of expenses for carpooling is not taxable, cf. SKAT, and the persons who drive the car do not have the right to deduct the payment. A payment from passengers to the owner of the involved car does not create any change in the carriage deductions of the taxpayers concerned.

Am I insured through CommuteApp when I am a user of the app?

No. The user is responsible for his/her own harmful actions and omissions. This applies to all injuries to oneself, other users and third parties, and applies to both personal injury and property damage. Read more about our rules and safety measures here.

Which data does CommuteApp need from me?

When downloading the app and subsequently registering as a lift provider, the name, age, address, registration number of the car, photo of the car and a photo of the driver are registered. Drivers licenses are not registered, as the user only needs to confirm ownership of one.

When downloading the app and subsequently registering as a passenger, the name, address and photo of the passenger are registered.

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