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UN's World Goals

Ridesharing and optimized use of transport, as well as increased focus on CO2 emissions in connection with e.g. taxi driving fits in well with the UN's world goals.







With Commuteapp, you help to optimize the use of existing resources by:

- Minimize congestion on the roads with ridesharing

- Create financial savings for the consumer by ridesharing

- Increase access to transport by ridesharing

- Reduce the environmental impact

- Streamlined consumption of resources

- Reduced air pollution

Specifically, Objective 11 is supported: Sustainable Cities and Communities, of which sub-objective 11.2 is about “creating access for all to safe, accessible and sustainable transport systems at an affordable price ”

 In addition, you take part in the goal 13: climate efforts - for sustainable development by implementing initiatives with green transformation as the core.

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