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The world's first CO2-neutral Taxi Service

In CommuteApp, our mission is to optimize the use of resources for the climate - One more in the car.

We offer the world's first CO2-neutral Taxi Service.

Optimized & sublime service for the guest and hotel!

In CommuteApp, the focus of everything we do is to optimize the use of resources for the climate. With the vision "one more in the car" we can go really far. Our intuitive and unique taxi booking platform for hotels has been created with consideration for all parties. We work together on the basis of a fair model that aims to create the greatest possible value at all levels.

Want to hear more about how we create more revenue and better service for your hotel and guests?

Contact our CEO,
Henrik Jespersen via the form below.

With CommuteApp you can:
Increase your revenue by using the booking platform
Free up resources at the front desk
Service development and adaptation of platform to your needs
Collect data on e.g. taxi driving time, guest behavior etc.

Optimize your guest service by:

- Arranging pickup at the airport
- Providing SMS service for the guests
- Adding the taxi costs to one collected hotel bill
- Offering CO2 neutral Taxi Service
- Providing security for the guests with fixed prices

We take care of:

- Marketing materials (concrete CO2 project, certificate incl. CO2 monitor for website, UN SDG)
-- Information material for staff incl. SOPs
- Ongoing follow-up and development

Setup in 5 minutes - then you are taxi ready with CO2 neutral taxi driving for your guests!
We work with local taxi suppliers and offer taxi counselling.
All fixed price trips offer potential for additional sales.

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Contact CEO Henrik Jespersen via the form, at  tel. +45 40308903 or hj@commuteapp.dk

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