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CommuteApp has teamed up with Moka Smart City to develop an application that promotes and facilitates carpooling across Mauritius.

The goal is to decrease CO₂ emissions while improving the users' mobility and reducing traffic on the island.


Download CommuteApp for free and share your rides in a few clicks!

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Kg. CO₂


Saved as of now by driving together via Commute

tool tip rectangle right

Our CO₂ counter is updated in real time - displaying how big a difference it actually makes that we drive together

Why Commuteapp?

An integrated messaging module allowing easy communication between each trip's participants

Users earn CO₂ coins for their travels, which can be exchanged to get discounts in local partner shops

A star rating for each user, to help you choose the best carpoolers

A responsive customer support

Why become a CO2 Coin Business Partner?

  • Increase the number of customers in your store
  • Every time a purchase is made in your store, you help to reduce CO2 emissions
  • You decide which offers you want to market
  • Easy approach to registration and presentation of new offers
  • You can be up and running with your first offer in 10 minutes
  • Free advice in preparing offers
  • You pay only 6.5% of the normal price of the purchase made in the store via the platform
  • Invoiced monthly with specified transaction statistics

Benefits of it

Partner with us

Want to be listed on Commute?

By using CommuteApp, you will gain access to our coin shop.

Each ride you share will earn you CO coins that you can exchange for discounts in our local partner shops.

We convert every kg of CO saved by ridesharing to CO coins.

Our Coin-Shop

Time to give a few rides and redeem your CO coins in the following shops across the island.

Discover all the outlets where you can redeem your CO₂ coins

Our partners

Reduce traffic

With more people in your car and less cars on the road, it only means one thing: less congested road lanes allowing you a quicker and more enjoyable commute!

Save the costs

Share the travel costs with your commuters and decide together who rides when! Carpooling minimizes wear and tear on your vehicle by reducing the total miles you drive so you save money on long-term vehicle expenses.

Best for the environment

90% of the cars drive around with only one person. When we drive together, we save the environment for up to 80% of CO₂ emissions and improved air quality.

Make new friends

Carpooling is a great way to make new friends!

Why should you carpool

Get easily from A to B - when you want

Drop delayed buses, trains and expensive taxi rides - on Commute there is always someone driving. It makes it easy to get from A to B in everyday life.

Spend your time as it suits you

Spend your transport time wisely. At work, homework, a nap, or maybe watching cat videos on YouTube. The choice is yours.

Earn CO₂ coins

When you drive with Commute, you automatically earn CO₂ coins - use them on gift cards in our Coin-shop.

Drive when it suits you

You are only bound by the agreements you make yourself - and you decide where, when and who you want to drive with.

CommuteApp, a safe way to move around

At CommuteApp, your security is one of our main priorities. We want our commuters to feel safe and secure when using the application to find or give a ride. That’s why we have elaborated the following security features to make sure you feel comfortable with whomever you are ridesharing with!  

Star rating

No automatic seat given – all need to be accepted or rejected

It allows you to filter out unwanted carpoolers

i. e. men if you want female carpoolers only

strangers if you want to ride only with acquaintances

"CommuteApp, drive together, get to know each other, save money and save the environment at the same time. Who can say no to that?"


"The app is smart, easy, well thought out and efficient, which creates profits in my and others' everyday lives."


"I've had the app in use since it became available. It's super usable and ingenious for those who think taxis are too expensive. Super good and user-friendly app! 5 stars from me!"


Get in touch

Are you interested in what CommuteApp can offer you or your organization, or do you have questions about the app? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact form on the right, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to help the environment and at the same time save on your petrol, taxi and public transport?

Download the app right now in your favorite app store.

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