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At CommuteApp, we are delighted to have partnered up with Moka Smart City in Mauritius.They are in the process of developing a state-of-the-art smart city which will feature smart and sustainable solutions. We are contributing to this great project by providing an adapted version of our app to the Mauritian users, thereby facilitating carpooling and CO2 reduction for the inhabitants in the country.

Furthermore, we are working together on expanding CO2 Coins in Mauritius and, in that regard, creating real value for the users every time they carpool.Follow our different Social Media pages to keep up to date on our progress in Mauritius.

It is an excellent opportunity for CommuteApp to create the custom app “Commute for organisations” for Avignonesi. Named after the original founders of the estate, the Avignonesi family, is a winery that has undergone an exciting journey since it was first established.

Sustainability plays a big part in the everyday life at Avignonesi. It is therefore an honor for CommuteApp to have been selected as the favorite technology by an Italian firm, which believes in optimization of the use of resources.

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