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Your privacy is important to both you and us. It is important that you know that we do our utmost to ensure your privacy in Commute.



GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation





When downloading the app and subsequent registration as a provider of rides, the name, age, address, registration number of the car, photo of car, photo of you and bank details are registered. Driving licenses are not registered, as you a user only have to confirm ownership of one. When downloading the app and subsequent registration as passenger, name, address, age, photo of you and card information is registered.





Upon download, Commute App users automatically consent to Commute App being able to use the registrations to fulfill the possibility of ridesharing between Commute App's users. The consent means that the necessary registrations will be made available to Commute App's users in relation to facilitating ridesharing. As a Commute App user, you have the right to access all personal data that Commute App has registered with in regard to your user. Commute App's users have the right to correct any incorrect registrations. A user can make changes or delete in submitted registrations at any time. Commute App's users have the right to have registrations deleted by writing to support@commuteapp.org. Commute App's users agree that registrations may be used for internal statistical purposes.





General principles:


CommuteApp is required by applicable rules to make sure that registrations have been obtained in a lawful, reasonable and transparent manner. CommuteApp uses registrations only to fulfill the purpose of the business – to establish ridesharing between users – and to record only information necessary to achieve this purpose. CommuteApp is responsible for deleting or returning registrations when it is no longer necessary to hold the registrations. CommuteApp is responsible for the fact that registrations do not come to the attention of unauthorized persons. CommuteApp is responsible for the fact that a data processor agreement has been entered into with all partners who process registrations on behalf or on instructions from CommuteApp. CommuteApp will ensure as far as possible that registration handling is safe and with an appropriate level of security and privacy protection. CommuteApp will immediately notify the Nigerian Data Protection Agency if CommuteApp become aware of a personal data breach.




Insurance and disclaimer:


When downloading the developed app, the user must accept that the user is informed of and accepts applicable liability and insurance rules – including that the user is responsible for:the driver of the vehicle holds a valid driver’s license
for the vehicle and meets all the requirements for driving the vehicle.
that the car is fully functional.that the car and the driver meet all road traffic requirements for and to use the vehicle.that the user is not in CommuteApp's service and is thus not subject to employer responsibility. that the user is therefore liable for all his own harmful acts and omissions. This applies to all self-harm, other users and third parties and applies to both personal and property damage. that CommuteApp ApS is not responsible for personal or property damage that the user himself or relatives may be inflicted by other users or third parties. that CommuteApp ApS alone provides a service for the purpose of establishing ridesharing between users and therefore cannot be held liable for the harmful actions or omissions of users, and that CommuteApp ApS has not taken out insurance to cover any insurance claims incurred and that it is therefore up to the user himself to take out any necessary or desired insurance to cover losses in this regard.that CommuteApp is not responsible for any misrepresentations and registrations provided and uploaded by other users. that CommuteApp is not responsible if other users act in violation of the rules of the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.


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